Unofficial Agenda

This is the "Preliminary" 2014 Agenda. The OFFICIAL 2014 agenda will be included in every Registration Packet, posted to and also posted near the main elevator banks and by the registration tables.

2014 Agenda
At the convention, updated Agendas are posted near the main elevator banks and by the registration tables. Please check these locations for any changes and additional information.

Early registration begins and room hopping starts.

Throughout the day - informal room hopping. Most of the major dealers will have their rooms open on the first and second floors in the main building.

Throughout the day - pick up registration packets at the Seven Hills Room (First Floor of Conference Center)

7:00 PM Swap Party
Bring all of your extras to trade with fellow PEZheads. Bring your personalized PEZ to trade too. You can also swap your PEZ items for money. Stop by to wheel and deal. Event held in the Ballroom. Open to adults and children alike.

9:00 PM "Pezamania Wars" Single Elimination Tournament
Immediately following the Swap Meet we will host "Pezamania Wars". This will be a single elimination tournament with 128 contestents. Each tournament round involves playing a game of "War" - a simple card game played by most everyone growing up. Each War game will be played head to head against a single opponent. Each round of play will eliminate one half of the total contestents until an overall winner is determined. There will be some wonderful prizes awarded to the lucky players who reach the round of eight (quarter finals) and beyond. NEW POLICY for entry into the Pezamania Wars Tournament. Attendees will be asked when picking up their convention packets in the Hospitality Suite if they want to play. Those indicating that they want to play will be charged $2 and entered into the tournament. The first 128 people to register in this way will make up the tournament roster.

Throughout the day - informal room hopping. Most of the major dealers will have their rooms open. Please wear your convention badges. They are very nice and you will be proud to wear them!

11 AM to 4 PM
Pick up registration packets from Linda and John at the coat room across from the ballrooms. Late arrivals can pick up packets Saturday morning.

1 PM to 2 PM - PEZ Forum
There will most likely be 4 - 5 panel members who are members of the Pez "Who's Who"
The forum will take place in ballroom #1. This is a great opportunity to ask your Pez related questions and get them answered by real Pez collecting experts.

DICEAMANIA TRAINING will be held all afternoon complete with a question and answer period. Come and refresh your memory as to how this exciting new game is played. Pezamania host John The Ugly will give some tips on how to roll threes of a kind without cheating.

1 PM to 4 PM - Children's Activities
This will be the ninth year of this great addition to Pezamania. Thanks to the planning, coordinating and hosting skills of Jeff and Lynda Gilligan we will continue to feature several children's activities that are fun filled and packed with prizes and surprises. We plan to continue the games featured the last few years and I'm sure the Gilligan's will have something new and exciting up their sleeves as in the past. This year there will again be a very special surprise for the children playing the games - don't miss out!

We plan to continue children's Bingo. There will be (5) Regular Bingo Games and (2) Mega Bingo Games. The winners will each win some awesome prizes.

We also plan to continue the children's Scavenger Hunt this year. As usual all the Children's Activities are absolutely free!!

All of the Children's Activities will be held in Ballroom #4.

5 PM "DICEAMANIA Preview" A Pezamania Exclusive!
The hotel will be setting up a food court style concession to sell light dinner options. Please come early to get your LUCKY DICEAMANIA SEATS. Special Prizes will be drawn all evening for people playing DICEAMANIA. Please note that the cost of playing "Diceamania" this year is included in your Pezamania Registration. PLEASE ATTEND TRAINING

Diceamania Training will be available during the preview time to brush up on how the game is played.

Play "DICEAMANIA" for valuable PEZ prizes!
Must Be Registered To Play DICEAMANIA!
Prizes Awarded To Registered Guests Only!

Five Special Games to be played after "Diceamania" with chances to win some nice prizes.

After DICEAMANIA-- Late Night Room Hopping. Please go and support all our loyal Pezamania dealers. Take all those Pezamania Buck Certificates that you just won and use them to purchase some awesome Pez. Keep the dealers up late selling their wares - NO SLEEPING PERMITTED AT PEZAMANIA!

7 AM- Ballroom open for dealer set up.
You must wear your convention badge and your helpers must be convention registered. Dealers need to be setup by 8:30AM.

8:30 AM- Convention registered people admitted.

9 AM- Show open to general public. $5 adult admission, $10 family maximum. Door prizes and dealer prizes awarded throughout the show.

2:00 PM- Ballroom Show closed

4:00 PM- Charity Auction

9:00 PM- Carnival Games - For those staying over Saturday night, come and enjoy our wonderful Carnival Games designed by Rick Marlowe. This is a great time to unwind, have a few laughs and win some more Pezzy Prizes.


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