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About PEZamania

PEZamania is the largest and longest running PEZ convention in the world. It is an annual gathering of collectors, dealers, casual sellers, and anybody else interested in collecting PEZ and other related items.


The convention was started in 1991 in Mentor, OH as "The First Annual Dispens-O-Rama" and has been called PEZamania from 1992 on. It has always been held in the Cleveland metro area, but it's home for the last two decades has been Independence, OH at the Holiday Inn Express. While the hosts and location have changed over the years, the focus on bringing a fun, family-friendly event to the PEZ collecting community has remained an integral part of the mission throughout the years. 

Hundreds of collectors from around the world come to PEZamania every July to buy, sell, trade, and even more importantly, to reconnect with the friends they've made through the hobby. Whether you are coming for the first time or the thirty-second time, we have something for you! 

The "Corporate Stuff"

Starting in 2023, PEZamania has been operated under a registered 501(c)(3) organization, VPC Productions. VPC Productions is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation and was founded in 2021 to be the organization that runs the Virtual PEZ Convention and the VPC Scholarship Fund. By adding PEZamania to the VPC Productions umbrella, we ensure that all donations to the convention are tax deductible. 

As a nonprofit organization, all proceeds from the event must either be donated to charity or be used to run the event. All charity auctions run at the event will directly go to Gliding Stars. Any proceeds from registration that exceed the costs of running PEZamania will be distributed to Gliding Stars, the VPC Community Scholarship and/or be put toward the next year's convention. The hosts cannot profit off of this event. 

Our 501(c)(3) recognition letter is available for download here: IRS Determination Letter

This letter can be used to request donations for our event. For example, if you are attending a ComicCon and getting autographs, celebrities will often be willing to sign a dispenser free of charge if it is for charity.

At the end of each fiscal year, our financial information will be available upon request.

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